Original NTN CM-UCT319 Pillow block bearing

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US $7.9-8.2 / Pieces | 100 Piece/Pieces (Min. Order)
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Quick Details
Pillow Block
Bore Size:
95 mm
Model Number:
Place of Origin:
housing material:
cast iron
Bearing metrial:
Chrome steel
10000 Piece/Pieces per Day
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Single color box
Lead Time :
Within 7days

pillow block bearing  , bearing housing


UCP series, UKP series, UCF series, UCFLseries, UCFA series, HCseries, ER series,SER series,UCC series,, SALF series, UCT series, SBFL series etc.


chrome steel,carbon steel,stainless stee


ISO9001:2008 Standard  & OEM service

Delivert Date

normally ready goods and stock within 7 days


Shipment,airport etc.


30%T/T advance,70%T/T against copy of B/L etc


single box


pls find the contact us for your interested in.

UC202, UC305, SB203, UK205, UCT202

UC203, UC306, SB204, UK206, UCT203

UC204, UC307, SB205, UK207, UCT 204

UC205, UC308, SB206, UK208, UCT205

UC206, UC309, SB207, UK209, UCT206

UC207, UC310, SB208, UK210, UCT207

UC208, UC311, SA203, UK211, UCT208

UC209, UC312, SA204, UK212, UCT209

UC210, UC313, SA205, UK213, UCT210

UC211, UC314, SA206, UK215, UCT211

UC212, UC315, SA207, UK216, UCT212                  

UC213, UC316, SA208, UK217, UCT213

UC214, UC317, UCFL202, UK218, UCT214

UC215, UC318, UCFL203, UCFC202, UCT215

UC216, UC319, UCFL204, UCFC203, UCT216

UC217, UC320, UCFL205, UCFC204, UCT217

UC218, UCF202, UCFL206, UCFC205, UCT218

UCP202, UCF203, UCFL207, UCFC206, UCPH202

UCP203, UCF 204, UCFL208, UCFC207, UCPH203

UCP204, UCF205, UCFL209, UCFC208, UCPH204

UCP205, UCF206, UCFL210, UCFC209, UCPH205

UCP206, UCF207, UCFL211, UCFC210, UCPH206

UCP207, UCF208, UCFL212, UCFC211, UCPH207

UCP208, UC209, UCFL213, UCFC212, UCPH208

UCP209, UCF210, UCFL214, UCFC213, UCPH209

UCP210, UCF211, UCFL215, UCFC214, UCPH210

UCP211, UCF212, UCFL216, UCFC215, UCC202

UCP212, UCF213, UCFL217, UCFC216, UCC203

UCP213, UCF214, UCFL218, UCFC217, UCC204

UCP214, UCF215, UCPA203, UCFC218, UCC205

UCP215, UCF216, UCPA204, UCC211, UCC206

UCP216, UCF217, UCPA205, UCC212, UCC207

UCP217, UCF218, UCPA206, UCC213, UCC208

UCP218, UCPA209, UCPA207, UCPA210, UCC209

UCPA208, UCC210, PSD201, PSD202, PSD203

PSD204, PSD205, PSD206, PSD207, PSD208

PSD209, PSD210, PA201, PA202, PA203

PA204, PA205, PA206, PA207, PA208

PA209, PA210, PA211, PA212, PA213

PW201, PW202, PW203, PW204, PW205

PW206, PW207, PW208, PW209, PW210

SN505, SN205, SN305, SD3034, SNL511

SN506, SN206, SN306, SD3036, SNL512

SN507, SN207, SN307, SD3038, SNL513

SN508, SN208, SN308, SD3040, SNL515

SN509, SN209, SN309, SD3044, SNL516

SN510, SN210, SN310, SD3048, SNL517

SN511, SN211, SN311, SD3052, SNL518

SN512, SN212, SN312, SD3056, SNL519

SN513, SN213, SN313, SD3060, SNL520

SN514, SN214, SN314, SD3064, SNL522

SN515, SN215, SN315, SD3068, SNL524

SN516, SN216, SN316, SD3072, SNL526

SN517, SN217, SN317, SD3076, SNL528

SN518, SN218, SN318, SSN3024, SNL530

SN519, SN219, SN319, SSN3026, SNL530

SN520, SN220, SN320, SSN3130, SNL532

SN522, SN222, SN322, SNL505, SNL605

SN524, SN224, SN324, SNL506, SNL606

SN526, SN226, SN326, SNL507, SNL607

SN528, SN228, SN328, SNL508, SNL608

SN530, SN230, SN330, SNL509, SNL609

SN532, SN232, SN332, SNL510, SNL610

SNL611, SNL619, SNL632, SNL3076, SNL2326

SNL612, SNL620, SNL3138, SNL3080, SNL2328

SNL613, SNL622, SNL3140, SNL3180 L, SNL2330

SNL615, SNL624, SNL3144, SNL230/530L, SNL2332

SNL616, SNL626, SNL3052, SNL230/500F, SNL2334

SNL617, SNL628, SNL2252, SNL230/500L, SNL3134

SNL618, SNL630, SNL3072, SNL40/530GL, SAF1057